Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bird Observatory

We went to the Idaho Bird Observatory a few weekends ago and got a change to see bird banding up close. It is a few miles past Lucky Peak about six miles up a very windy and bumpy road in the mountains. It was very cold but worth the trip. We got to see lots of Jayco birds banded and even got to release some. It was their bigest number day for these birds of the year. We even got to see them catch two Merlin birds of prey. Dylan decided he would not like to live up in the mountains for months living in a tent to track birds like the bird experts we met but he would rather be a bird breeder. Good information to learn. It is fun for the bird lovers in our family to live in a place with so many opportunities to see so many bird up close. We even had the BLM bring a hawk and owl to our co-op birds class we are teaching last week. That was a big hit with the kids.

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