Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bird Observatory

We went to the Idaho Bird Observatory a few weekends ago and got a change to see bird banding up close. It is a few miles past Lucky Peak about six miles up a very windy and bumpy road in the mountains. It was very cold but worth the trip. We got to see lots of Jayco birds banded and even got to release some. It was their bigest number day for these birds of the year. We even got to see them catch two Merlin birds of prey. Dylan decided he would not like to live up in the mountains for months living in a tent to track birds like the bird experts we met but he would rather be a bird breeder. Good information to learn. It is fun for the bird lovers in our family to live in a place with so many opportunities to see so many bird up close. We even had the BLM bring a hawk and owl to our co-op birds class we are teaching last week. That was a big hit with the kids.


I have really slacked off in getting current on blogging. I hope to catch up and get better. I thought I would start by showing our Halloween pictures. Emi dressed as Cheer bear again this year to walk around the block then she changed into Snow White to hand out candy at the door. Braden was Jango Fett. Dylan made his own set or Wolverine claws with a pair of gloves and cardboard. After a little trick or treating we watched Ice Age 3. It was a very fun night. Braden's pumpkin is the large owl that is painted. Dylan carved his own pumpkin this year and he made an owl's face. He has his pumpkin all cleaned out before Daddy got home from work and was ready to carve. Jeff made Emi the Dora pumpkin while while she painted her own small pumpkin.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Emi turns three

Emi turned three June 23. The weekend before we were able to have a birthday bbq to celebrate with friends. Grandma and Grandpa Ward and Grandpa Preszler were even able to come. It was so wonderful to share that time with family and friends. She seams like such a big girl these day. She will always be the little one in our house but she is growing fast.

Catching up - busy summer so far

This summer is flying by. Can it really be nearing the end of July already. I forgot all about posting on the blog. I just down loaded some pictures so I am going to do some highlight posts to catch all our family up on our happenings. This week the kids and I are all involved in vacation bible school. It is the first year Emi can participate and of course our social girl loves every minute of it. I am the teacher for her group. This is the last year for Dylan and he even got to play the part of Daniel today in a skit. Braden is doing three skits and helping each day in the k-3 group. I can't believe the boys are getting too big for vbs just as Emi is getting started. We will enjoy it while it lasts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First camping trip of the summer

We had a lot of fun on our first camping trip of the season. We do know why we do not camp on Memorial weekend. We had a hard time finding a spot. We did end up in a campground next to some college age kids who played music all day. At least the rain on Sat. night put them to bed early.

It is so great to be out all day long doing things we love and spending time together. We had smores at the campfire, hiked, shot the bow and air gun, cooked in the dutch oven and just hung out. We met another homeschool family that were in our co op even though we didn't know each other before. The boys had a great time playing with everything they could find. Did you know that thick weeds can become swords? Well the boys proved they can and it is fun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

See the Peregrine chicks

We have been watching a webcam of a Peregrine Falcoln pair as they nest in downtown Boise. Sunday morning three of the eggs hatched. Now we are able to see the babies being fed. Check it out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mothers day picture

On Mothers day I got everyone to pose for an updated picture.